The Sussex Learning Trust aims to play an integral part in providing the highest possible educational opportunities for children and young people in Sussex via a network of Academies committed to partnership working for the benefit of pupils and students

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 Appropriate homework will be set on a regular basis according to the outlines below. 

 At points through the year, extended pieces might be set that might cover 2-3 homework slots. Where this is the case, clear interim deadlines will be set.

 Follow up of homework might be done in a variety of ways including teacher, peer or self assessment. Clear success criteria set out by the teacher will support the follow up of homework.

 Staff will allow a minimum of 3 evenings between setting homework and hand in.

 All independent study will be entered on ‘Show My Homework’. Students and parents will be able to access homework tasks via Show my homework.

 If you are concerned that your child is not keeping up with their homework you should contact the relevant class teacher or their tutor in the first instance.

 If a teacher is concerned that your child is not keeping up with their homework, they will contact you and inform the appropriate curriculum leader, your child's tutor and  

Year Leader.

Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 

English – approximately 30 minutes per week.

Maths – approximately 30 minutes per week.

Science – approximately 30 minutes per week.

Art - homework will follow art lessons as appropriate.

Geography - approximately 30 minutes of homework per fortnight.   This could either be a short task or an extended PRS task that will last a few weeks.

History - approximately 30 minutes of homework per fortnight.   This could either be a short task or an extended PRS task that will last a few weeks.

ICT/computing – approximately 90 minutes per fortnight.

Latin - homework will be set in addition for those students who take it.

MFL – approximately 30 minutes per week.

Technology - will be set an extended homework per rotation.  Students rotate three times over the year.  The extended homework will be structured, so students can manage their time.   In the food rotation students are expected to bring ingredients and a suitable dish or container on a weekly basis. All recipes are available on ‘show my homework’. 




Homework in all subjects will be designed to take approximately one hour per week.

Teachers and curriculum areas will decide on the best format for this, whether it be one piece a fortnight that will take two hours, one piece a week of one hour, two pieces a week of 30 minutes etc.