The Sussex Learning Trust aims to play an integral part in providing the highest possible educational opportunities for children and young people in Sussex via a network of Academies committed to partnership working for the benefit of pupils and students

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Open Evening: Wednesday 13 September 2017 for parents seeking admission to the Secondary Academy for September 2018 - Doors open at 5.15 pm"The behaviour of pupils is outstanding" (Ofsted, 2017)OUTSTANDING! Personal development, behaviour and welfare (Ofsted, 2017)View our online newsletter for our latest information and news, including PE fixtures and dates for the diary. You can also stay in touch by following us on Twitter @wardenpark..the school's culture of respect for all and positive relationships, summarised succinctly in "do your best and be nice" (Ofsted, 2017)“Governors and staff promote positive relationships combined with high aspirations for themselves and pupils” (Ofsted, 2017)For hire of our 3G pitch, call our Reception Team on 01444 457881 for more detailsOUTSTANDING! Effectiveness of leadership and management (Ofsted, 2017)

Academy  Day and term dates

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The Warden Park day contains 5 lessons of one hour each. Some of these lessons are organised into “doubles” for practical work. In common with many secondary schools and academies, we operate a fortnightly timetable in order to provide greater flexibility in the curriculum. Students quickly get used to this system.

 Students are expected to be in school at 8.45 a.m. ready for registration at 8.50 with a 25 minute tutor or assembly period. Since many students are likely to arrive well before this time after an early start from home. For this reason the Learning Resource Centre opens at 8am and a breakfast service is available in the dining hall from 8.15. Our day ends at 15.10. Students in Year 7 are dismissed slightly early so they can collect any items from the cloakroom.

 All members of the academy have a 20-minute morning break at 11.15 when light refreshments are available in the dining hall. In order to avoid queuing and pressure on the LRC at lunchtime, there are 2 lunch sittings of 35 minutes each. Students are able to take packed meals to the dining hall but most prefer to buy food from Parkes, our own catering company. Students will be timetabled for different sittings throughout the week so they have turns at having an “early” or “late” lunch.

Timings of the Day

8.50-9.15 Assembly/Tutor Time
9.15-10.15 Period 1
10.15-11.15 Period 2
11.15-11.35 Break
11.35-12.35 Period 3
12.35-1.10 Lunch 1
1.05-1.40 Lunch 2
12.35-1.05/1.40-2.10 Period 4
2.10-3.10 Period 5