The Sussex Learning Trust aims to play an integral part in providing the highest possible educational opportunities for children and young people in Sussex via a network of Academies committed to partnership working for the benefit of pupils and students

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GCSE results 2019: 32% of grades achieved were the top 9-7 grades!OUTSTANDING: Personal development, behaviour and welfare (Ofsted, 2017)“Governors and staff promote positive relationships combined with high aspirations for themselves and pupils” (Ofsted, 2017)"The behaviour of pupils is outstanding" (Ofsted, 2017)GCSE results 2019: English, 87% / Maths 80% achieved a grade of 9-4OUTSTANDING: Effectiveness of leadership and management (Ofsted, 2017)..the school's culture of respect for all and positive relationships, summarised succinctly in "do your best and be nice" (Ofsted, 2017)GCSE results 2019: The proportion of students who achieved both English and Maths at grade 9-4 is a truly impressive 77%!GCSE results 2019: 80% of students achieved grades 9-4 in 18 subjects

Sussex Learning Trust


Introducing the Trust 

The Sussex Learning Trust is responsible for the successful management and development of Warden Park (an academy for young people aged from 11-16 in Cuckfield, West Sussex) and Warden Park Primary Academy (an academy for young people aged 4-11 in Haywards Heath, West Sussex). Both academies operate as independent schools maintained by government funding. Parents do not pay fees.


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Warden Park Secondary Academy

Warden Park is a very popular secondary school with a strong academic and sporting pedigree. Students enjoy a very broad curriculum that meets their wide-ranging individual enthusiasms and needs, including: separate sciences; dance; drama; music; history; geography; a wide range of technology options; Latin, classical civilisation; philosophy and at least one compulsory modern foreign language.

We encourage all students to qualify for the new English Baccalaureate. As a Leading Edgeschool, Warden Park also offers all students a wide range of enrichment opportunities including: community service, critical thinking and entrepreneurship. Gifted and Talented students achieve particularly well at Warden Park, and the academy also has a reputation for supporting young people with special educational needs.

Warden Park Primary Academy

Heyworth Primary School reopened in January 2012 as the Warden Park Primary Academy, sponsored by Warden Park Academy Trust.  The primary academy is judged by OFSTED (June 2015)  as being “good”. behaviour, the quality of care, guidance and support, the curriculum and the school’s leadership and management.  The school is a happy and safe place, where children are able to realise their full potential and learn from an exciting and challenging curriculum.

Thanks to powerful leadership and the efforts of a strong and dedicated staff team the school is on a clear upward trend of further  improvement.


2011: Warden Park Academy Trust was formed when the successful school of the same name in Cuckfield became one of the first schools in the country to convert to Academy status. January 2012: Heyworth Primary School in Haywards Heath became a constituent part of the Trust and changed its name to the Warden Park Primary Academy.

October 2013: The Primary advanced from ‘special measures’ to the threshold of ‘good’ in their Ofsted Inspection. This transformation has been remarkable and testament to outstanding leadership and the benefits of being in a multiacademy Trust. Meanwhile the Secondary Academy has gone from strength to strength and is working towards an ‘outstanding’ accreditation in 2015-6.

The relationship between Primary and Secondary is outstanding providing excellent pedagogical and Professional Development links and opportunities for teachers. Students and pupils mix readily in shared learning projects with very desirable outcomes. The relationship can be defined as one of mutuality.

2014: Jonathan Morris joined as Chief Executive Officer bringing local expertise and a successful track record as a Headteacher.

2015: The Primary received a very positive Ofsted Report, being judged as “good”.  The Trust now wishes to expand and increase its partnership working with other schools. It is important to do so under a name which can represent all who wish to join, hence “The Sussex Learning Trust”

Partnership in the Sussex Learning Trust

These two academies are now working closely together with a shared vision based on:

  • High expectations and standards for all
  • A clear code of behaviour based on respect for all
  • Equal opportunity 
  • A strong partnership with parents and the wider community

The Trust has a common set of policies and is governed by a single group of Directors. In order that staff can concentrate on the important task of promoting excellent teaching and learning, the Trust is responsible for all the non-educational functions in both schools such as premises development, finance and catering. 

While we are still at the start of what has already been an interesting and invigorating journey, we are confident that our students will thrive and embody our maxim “The Best from All”.