Warden Park Secondary Academy

The Best From All


We run our own catering service called Parkes which is phenomenally successful, reflecting the quality of service and menu on offer. Fresh ingredients are selected carefully and often supplied by local traders. Our meals are low in fat, sugar and salt. While chips are not on the menu, we do serve jacket potatoes, potato wedges and rice dishes. In line with national guidelines, we do not sell burgers, sweets, chocolate or drinks high in sugar or additives. Parkes staff are responsive to ideas from our Student Council and we are always looking for new ideas to make our food even more interesting.

In addition to our varied choice of cooked meals (meat or fish plus a vegetarian option every day), we also offer a selection of lighter options including salads and sandwiches. We also provide jacket potatoes, pasta, noodles or pizza. Fresh fruit is always available.

We have several locations that allow easy filling of water bottles, throughout the academy, to provide students with access to water throughout the day. 

Lunch can be purchased from either the Dining Hall or Assembly Hall.  As a quick guide our Meal Deal and salads can be purchased from the Dining Hall, and jacket potatoes and sandwiches can be purchased from the Assembly Hall.  Both venues have a selection of puddings, fruit, drinks and cookies etc.

Parkes operates a cashless payment system for staff and students which means that students do not need to bring money with them each day.

Here at Parkes we are conscious of the environmental impact of our service and are always looking for new ways to meet our sustainability goals. Due to the scale of our service washable plates and cutlery aren’t practical. Instead we use Vegware single-use catering disposables, made from plants using renewable, lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials, all designed to be commercially composted with food waste. For those interested in the science, our cutlery, salad containers, pots and bowls are made of polylactic acid (PLA) which is derived from renewable corn starch. Our plates, takeaway boxes and hot cups are made from bagasse (reclaimed sugarcane fibres). Whilst these products cost more than polypropylene and polystyrene alternatives, we are committed to playing our part in a sustainable future.

For further information on allergy awareness, costs and our biometric payment system, please see our Families Guide.

Take a look at one of our sample daily menus!