Warden Park Secondary Academy

The Best From All


Through our curriculum we aim to personally empower students by developing in them the ability to act in pursuit of positive personal fulfilment.

Our approach is underpinned by a belief that:

  • Strong academic outcomes provide students with the foundation to excel in the next and future stages of their learning.

  • Highly developed character attributes provide students with the means to develop positive emotions, engage meaningfully, build and sustain positive relationships, find purpose and meaning in their lives and feel a sense of accomplishment.

We have two dedicated curriculum sites which will be useful to current and prospective parents, carers, students and staff. 

Curriculum@WPSA: This website is designed for the students, parents and prospective parents of Warden Park Academy. You can use this website to find out about:

  • The curriculum design for all of our subjects  throughout Years 7 -11

  • How the classes are arranged within each of our curriculum areas throughout Years 7 & 8 and 9-11

  • The curriculum structure for Years 7 & 8 and 9-11; these are the lessons which make up a student's timetable cycle

WPSA Key Stage 4 Options:This website is primarily designed to support our Year 8 options process.  It is also for prospective parents of students joining us from another school in the UK or abroad from Year 9 onwards. The curriculum and subject information is available to help support curriculum choices for your child during the admissions process.


Our curriculum throughout Years 7 and 8 is broad and balanced. It ensures that students have the opportunity to study a range of subject disciplines so that they not only develop their knowledge and skills in a wide range of contexts, but are able to discover what excites them as individuals and what ignites their passion for learning. 

Our curriculum is designed to engender strong literacy and numeracy skills, including a focus on developing a rich vocabulary so that students are fully able to express themselves both in school and beyond. To ensure that students are 'world ready', all students learn about emotional literacy, social issues, health education, citizenship and world affairs through the 'Health & Wellbeing' curriculum and tutor program..

Our extra curricular program is diverse, providing an arena for students to further develop their character and explore their passions. Some of our activities include Rugby club, Acapella group, STEM club, the school eco-council and our twilight Latin program.

The curriculum is timetabled in a ten-day cycle of one hour lessons. The size of our school enables us to cover a wide range of courses and meet students’ individual needs. 


Students begin their GCSE studies in Year 9. This enables students to:

  • focused on their chosen subject areas allowing for deepening of understanding and development of key skills. 

  • to personalise their learning 

  • participate in enrichment options within curriculum areas

In order to ensure that students are studying a varied curriculum, students must select one option from the following: History, Geography, Spanish, French or Computer Science. These subjects provide excellent progression opportunities to a variety of qualifications at A-Level and beyond. They are considered to be subjects of extremely high value in helping to ensure all students study a broad and balanced curriculum at Key Stage 4. Through this requirement we ensure that all students have access to the EBacc.

Students study a core curriculum, in addition to 4 GCSE options alongside non-examined qualifications PE and learning about life. 

Our learning about life lessons in Year 9 & 10 also offer students a further enrichment opportunity, whereby in the final half term students must opt for an enrichment option outside of their regular curriculum. This could include art, graphics, environmental awareness and sustainability,  a South American cultural study or the holocaust to name a few. 

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is enhanced by our Twilight Curriculum, where students have the opportunity to study a range of formal qualifications and accreditations in addition to their regular curriculum. At present this includes qualifications such as The Higher Project, GCSE Latin, Enterprise & Marketing, GCSE French, The Arts Award & The Duke of Edinburgh.