Warden Park Secondary Academy

The Best From All


At Warden Park we place the highest importance on ensuring that our students are happy and well cared for. We ensure that every student is known as an individual, that we are responsive to individual’s needs and that each child develops the confidence and resilience to reach their potential. Our pastoral support is exceptional and the strong relationships that we have with parents and carers underpins the support that students receive. Young people learn best when they have a sense of self-worth and a feeling of emotional security and our pastoral organisation provides the foundation that ensures students personal fulfilment and success.

Working in partnership is the key and our extended team of Pastoral Support Officers and Education Support Officers, alongside local external agencies, ensure that support in the Academy is effectively tailored to meet individual’s needs. 


The pastoral system is organised to ensure the care of the 'whole person'. At Warden Park this is achieved through our year group system.

Mr M Sorrell - Deputy Headteacher (Student Well-being)

Mr M Kelly - Assistant Headteacher (Standards)


Americas Community

Head of Community - Mr R Scourfield

Deputy Head of Community - Miss C Jefferies

Assistant Head of Community - Mr T Argent

Pastoral Support Officer - Miss L Buckley

Oceania Community

Head of Community - Mr M Kelly

Deputy Head of Community - Ms N Sloan

Assistant Head of Community - Mr J Spencer

Pastoral Support Officer - Ms A Fletcher-Davies

Africa Community

Head of Community - Mrs E Finley

Deputy Head of Community - Miss L Bithell

Assistant Head of Community - Mr C Kelly

Pastoral Support Officer - Mrs R Heywood

Asia Community

Head of Community - Mr M Chappell

Deputy Head of Community - Miss P Middleton

Assistant Head of Community - Miss H Murray 

Pastoral Support Officer - Mrs E East

Europe Community

Head of Community - Mr C Corke

Deputy Head of Community - Ms S Havenne

Assistant Head of Community - Mrs H Moore

Pastoral Support Officer -  Ms H McLeod



At Warden Park Secondary Academy we have a very well established pastoral system that supports students and families when needed.   

Click here to find various support services that can help you, the student, or you, the parent/carer, to understand and cope with situations concerning welfare, health and wellbeing.

Please note there is also further support available via the Parent Hub.

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