Warden Park Secondary Academy

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About the Kindness and Wellbeing Council

The Kindness and Wellbeing Council  is made up of staff and students from all year groups. The council has its roots in the research led by Martin Seligman. Martin Seligman is known as the “father of positive psychology”, and for good reason. To many, he is one of the leading researchers in the whole field of psychology. His research showed that central to enhancing wellbeing is the need for a person to: experience positive emotions,  be engaged in their life, experience positive relationships, have a sense of meaning and purpose, and to accomplish things.

At Warden Park Secondary Academy, we use this framework as a way of thinking about how to develop well-being within our school community. The kindness and wellbeing council lead on a variety of exciting strategies across the school that all have kindness and well-being in mind.  Importantly, the council has inspired a louder discussion about kindness, to others and to ourselves, and inclusivity at school. 

What are the team working on this year?

Please see below for a snapshot of some of the current initiatives that this team are working on:

Gamesmasters in KS3: The aim here is for students to take the lead in organising games between themselves at break and/or lunch. Everyone is encouraged to get involved!

Kindness postcards: Students can nominate other students who have been particularly kind and these students will receive a postcard to recognise their kindness. 

Yoga for staff: a great way to experience mindfulness and do some light exercise.

Christmas Hampers: These are made by students and are donated to elderly people's care homes with a letter from the students. 

Wreath making at Christmas for staff : not just for the creative types!

Mindfulness in Tutor time: This year the council is looking at ways to teach students about the value of mindfulness in everyday life. Watch this space!

Kindness Murals: The team have created some beautiful artwork across the Academy that have kindness as their focus. They are passionate about creating a built environment that everyone can be inspired by and generate a sense of positivity from. Murals are just the start!

Staff sports: It is really important for staff to have time to relax and interact; the kindness team organises a variety of sporting events for all colleagues who work at the academy to get involved with. 


If you have any questions or would like to know more, please email kwcos@wardenpark.co.uk